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Carl Wallauer

1874 - 1937

The actor Carl Wallauer first finished an apprenticeship as a bank clerk and he worked several years in this profession afterwards.
Beside it he already took acting lessons and he made his stage debut at the Stadttheater in Colmar in 1899. Afterwards followed engagements in Hannover, Breslau and Cologne.
Ath those time he was not only active as a stage actor but he also realised some plays as a director.

During World War I he joined the Deutsches Theater in Berlin and from 1917 he also got engagements at the Lessing-Theater.

During his stay in Berlin he got in touch with the film business and he impersonated first filmroles in 1918 for movies like "Opfer der Gesellschaft" (18) and "Die Prinzessin von Montecuculi" (18).
It followed the productions "Das Hexenlied" (19), "Frau Hempels Tochter" (19) and "Liebe, die sich frei verschenkt" (19).

His last cinematical works came in the 20s into being with the silent movies "Die sieben Todsünden" (20), "Frühlingsfluten" (24), "Der kleine Herzog" (24), "Gern hab' ich die Frauen geküsst" (26), "In der Heimat, da gibt's ein Wiedersehn!" (26), "Harry Hill auf Welle 1000" (26) and "Gaunerliebchen" (28).

Besides his activity as an actor he campainged for the "Genossenschaft Deutscher Bühnen-Angehöriger" from 1914 which lobbied for the social interests of theater workers. He was even the president of it from 1927 to 1933.