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Leopold Verch

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The costume designer Leopold Verch belonged to the most important costume distributors of the German theater from the end of the 19th century. With his company "Verch & Flothow" he supplied numerous theaters with costumes, uniformes, jewelery and weapon replicas.

Leopold Verch was also engaged for creating costumes for movies. His first work for a film was for the eight-part series "Die Herrin der Welt" (19) directed by Joe May with whose wife Mia May in the leading role.

Leopold Verch continued his film career in the 20s and he created costumes for numerous film productions, among them "Hamlet" (21), "Die Gezeichneten" (22), "Don Juan" (22), "Friedrich Schiller" (23), "Der Orlow" (29) and "Die Garde-Diva" (29).

His last costume creations for movies came in the 30s into being for "Das Flötenkonzert von Sans-souci" (30), "Ihre Hoheit befiehlt" (31), "Rasputin, Dämon der Frauen" (32), "Trenck" (32), "Der Rebell" (32) and "Der Kurier des Zaren" (36).

Partly some of his costumes and implements were also used in Hollywood productions, e.g. the hat of Captain Bligh, played by Charles Laughton in "The Mutiny on Bounty" (35) was coming from him.

Afterwards he dedicated exclusively to the theater again where he remained active till to the 40s. Only for the movie "Jud Süss" he implemented with his company the costume creations of Ludwig Hornsteiner.

Because of their huge experience in the field of costumes for the theater the company Verch & Flothow already published a book in 1900 called  "Musterbuch der Firma Verch & Flothow in Berlin für Theater-Kostüme und Zubehör".

Other movies from Leopold Verch:
Die Stumme von Portici (22) Ich hatt' einen Kameraden (23) Der Mönch von Santarem (24) Wege der Liebe (24) Das Donkosakenlied (29) Hai-Tang (29) Gigolo (30) Zapfenstreich am Rhein (30) Rosenmontag (30) Elisabeth von Österreich (31) Der schwarze Husar (32) Es geht um mein Leben (36)