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Victor Varconi

Lichtbild aus "Der Rebell" 1932

1891 - 1976

The actor Victor Varconi was born as Mihaly Varkonyi in Kisvard, Austria-Hungary. 
He began his film career in Hungary where he appeared in many movies like "Sarga csiko" (13), "Bank Ban" (14) and "Magia" (17). Unfortunately nearly all his early movies got lost.

From 1920 he also played in some German silent movies and showed an impressive performance in "Jenseits von Gut und Böse" (20) and "Nachtbesuch in der Northernbank" (21). It followed the movies "Herren der Meere" (22), directed by Alexander Korda, "Versunkene Welten" (22), "Sodom und Gomorrha" (22) and "Namenlos" (23). 

Because of his part in "Sodom und Gomorrha" director Cecil B. DeMille became aware of Victor Varconi and engaged him for the movie "Changing Husbands" in 1924, directed by Frank Urson. Victor Varconi got positive critics and was employed by DeMille for the movies "Feet of Clay" (24) and "Triumph" (24).

After this successful excurion to the USA he came back to Germany where he played again under the direction of Alexander Korda in the movie "Der Tänzer meiner Frau" (25) where he played together with his wife Maria Corda. With her he also acted in the two Italian productions "L'uomo piu allegro di Vienna" (26) and "Gli ultimi giorni di Pompeii" (26).

After that he returned to the USA once more where he appeared in many movies of all genres like "For Wives Only" (26), "The King of Kings" (27), "The Angel of Broadway" (27), "Chicago" (27), "Eternal Love" (29) and finally "The Divine Lady" (29) for the remaining time of the silent movie era.

On the peak of his career he came to an abrupt end with the transition to the talkies. He no longer did become offers for leading roles. For the time being he acted in German versions of American movies.Nevertheless he managed to appear regular on the screen for the next two decades. Among others he acted in the movies "Men in Her Life" (31), "Der Rebell" (32), "Roberta" (35), "The Plainsman" (36), "Trouble in Morocco" (37), "Suez" (38), "Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation" (39), "For Whom the Bell Tolls" (43), "The Hitler Gang" (44) and "Unconquered" (47).

Victor Varconi was among others married with the actress Nusi Aranyossy who was active as a silent movie actress for Semper Film.

Other movies with Victor Varconi:
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