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Stefan Vacano

1874 - 1963

The actor and author Stefan Vacano began his career as an assistant of the dramatic adviser Otto Brahms. He soon wrote first feuilletons and stage plays which were staged by Otto Brahm.
To Stefan Vacano's first plays belong "Mutterherz" (1899) and "Der Tag" (01).

In the next years he also wrote many novels which also handled some delicate sexual topics.

When he met the actress Lotte Sarrow they got married. They founded together the "Lotti-Sarrow-Ensemble". Stefan Vacano worked there as a stage actor but was also responsible for the management. It followed tours through Europe which were very successfully.

Stefan Vacano joined the film business in 1918 and he often appeared in the action movies of Harry Piel.
He impersonated roles in the productions "Die Testamentsklausel" (18), "Das rollende Hotel" (18), "Die Ratte" (18), "Der Muff" (19), "Kameraden" (21) - the only production not directed by Harry Piel - and "Der Reiter ohne Kopf" (21).
In the last mentioned movie happened an accident during the shooting and Stefan Vacano suffered burns in his face.
He demanded a compensation for immaterial damage of 30'000 Mark from Harry Piel but Piel offered him only 10% of this sum. It followed a public dispute where among others the operation methof of Harry Piel was criticized. The demanded sum was rejected by the court.