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Edgar G. Ulmer

1904 - 1972

The director and production designer Edgar G. Ulmer finished a study for applied arts in order to become a set designer for the theater.

But soon the film became his main focus and he forged his age to start his profession as a production designer in 1920.
Therefore he took part in many well-known productions in the silent movie era, among them "Der Golem, wie er in die Welt kam" (20), "Sodom und Gomorrha" (22), "Die Finanzen des Grossherzogs" (24), "Der letzte Mann" (24), the monumental films "Die Nibelungen" (24), "Gösta Berlings Saga" (24), "Die freudlose Gasse" (25) and Fritz Lang' science fiction classic "Metropolis" (27).

During this time he already made first experiences as a director assistant for the movies "Die Finanzen des Grossherzogs" (24) and "Der letzte Mann" (24).

Finally he went to the USA for few years where be continued his career as a production designer, among others for "The King of Kings" (27), "Sunrise" (27), "4 Devils" (28) and "Street of Sin" (28).

He returned to Germany where he created the set for the movies "Spione" (28), "Flucht in die Fremdenlegion" (29) and "M" (31).

With the movie "Menschen am Sonntag" (30) Edgar G. Ulmer made his debut as a director, screenwriter and producer.

Shortly afterwards he returned to the USA again for good and he spent the rest of his life there.
He still continued to work as a production designer for movies like "The Secret Six" (31), "Queen Christina" (33), "The Black Cat" (34), "Hitler's Madman" (42), "Minstrel Man" (44) and "Babes in Bagdad" (52), but he became well-known as a director who was able to created impressive results with limited budgets - both feature movies and short movies.
To his movies as a director belong "Damaged Lives" (33), "The Black Cat" (34), "From Nine to Nine" (35), "Green Fields" (37), "The Light Ahead" (39), "They Do come Back" (40), "Tomorrow We Live" (42), "Girls in Chains" (43), "Bluebeard" (44), "The Wife of Monte Cristo" (46), "The Strange Woman" (46), "The Man from Planet X" (51), "The Naked Dawn" (55), "Beyond the Time Barrier" (60) and "The Amazing Transparent Man" (60).

His last cinematical works as a director came in Italy into being with "Antinea, l'amante della citta sepolta" (61) and "Sette contro la morte" (64).

Edgar G. Ulmer was among others married with the author Shirley Castle. His daughter Arianne Arden worked as an actress.

Other movies from Edgar G. Ulmer:
Mussolini Spieaks (33) Thunder Over Texas (34) Natalka Poltavka (37) La vida bohemia (38) The Singing Blacksmith (38) Cossacks in Exile (39) Moon Over Harlem (39) Let My People Live (39) Americaner Shadchen (40) Goodbye, Mr. Germ (40) Diagnostic Procedures in Tuberculosis (40) Cloud in the Sky (40) Another to Conquer (41) My Son, the Hero (43) Isle of Forgotten Sins (43) Jive Junction (43) Turbosupercharger: Master of the Skies (43) Turbosupercharger: Flight Operation (43) Minstrel Man (44) Strange Illusion (45) Detour (45) Club Havana (45) Her Sister's Secret (46) Carnegie Hall (47) Ruthless (48) I pirati di Capri (49) So Young So Bad (50) St. Benny the Dip (51) Babes in Bagdad (52) L'amante di Paride (54) Murder Is My Beat (55) Daughter of Dr. Jekyll (57) The Naked Venus (59) Annibale (59) The Perjurer (59)

Tabu (31) Damaged Lives (33) The Black Cat (34) From Nine to Nine (35) The Light Ahead (39) Let My People Live (39) Prisoner of Japan (42) Corregidor (43) My Son, the Hero (43) Girls in Chains (43) Hitler's Madman (43) Isle of Forgotten (43) Danger! Women at Work (43) Song of Russia (44) The Wife of Monte Cristo (46) The Strange Woman (46) Annibale (59)

Art Director:
Merry-Go-Round (23) Lady Windermere's Fan (25) Spiel um den Mann (29) City Girl (30) Afraid to Talk (32) Kleiner Mann – was nun? (33) The Light Ahead (39) Bluebeard (44) Antinea, l'amante della citta sepolta (61)

Flucht in die Fremdenlegion (29) Green Fields (37) The Light Ahead (39) Moon Over Harlem (39) American Shadchen (40) Goodbye, Mr. Germ (40) Der Meineidbauer (56) The Perjurer (59) Sette contro la morte (64)

The Border Sheriff (26) Aloha (31)