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Hans Heinrich von Twardowski

Lichtbild aus "Das Cabinet des Dr. Caliari" 1920

1898 - 1958

The actor Hans Heinrich von Twardowski began his career as an author and he wrote essays like "Der rasende Pegasus".
But soon the acting became his real passion and he made his stage debut in 1919 at the Lessingtheater in Berlin. He continued his theater career successfully in the next years.

Although in 1919 Hans Heinrich von Twardowski entered the film business and he appeared in his first silent movie "Unheimliche Geschichten" (19). In the 20s he became a demanded film actor in numerous well-known productions.

To his most popular works of those years belong "Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari" (20), "Von morgens bis mitternacht" (20), "Genuine" (20), "Die Nacht der Königin Isabeau" (20), "Lady Hamilton" (21), "Phantom" (22) - for this movie he also wrote the screenplay together with Thea von Harbou, "Der falsche Dimitri" (22), "I.N.R.I." (23), "Die lachende Grille" (26), "Die Weber" (27), "Spione" (28) and "Ich küsse Ihre Hand, Madame" (29).

His last cinematical works in Germany came at the beginning of the 30s into being with "Ludwig der Zweite, König von Bayern" (30), "Die heilige Flamme" (31) and "Menschen hinter Gittern" (31). Finally he went to the USA where he continued his film and stage career.
He acted in "Scandal for Sale" (32), "Private Jones" (33), "The Scarlet Empress" (34), "The Crusades" (35) and "Thin Ice" (37).

With the outbreak of World War II he was often engaged for the then numerous shot anti-Nazi movies but also in other genres.
To these works belong "Confessions of a Nazy Spy" (39), "Hitler - Beast of Berlin" (39), "Joan of Ozark" (42), "Enemy Agents Meet Ellery Queen" (42), "Once Upon a Honeymoon" (42), the classic "Casablanca" (42), "Hangmen Also Die!" (43), "Hitler's Madman" (43), "The Strange Death of Adolf Hitler" (43), "The Cross of Lorraine" (43) and "The Hitler Gang" (44).

His film career ended after the war and he concentrated to the theater again. Only in the episode of the serial "Robert Montgomery Presents: The Sheffield Story" (52) he had a last appearance in front of the camera.

Other movies with Hans Heinrich von Twardowski:
Gerechtigkeit (20) Das Haus zum Mond (21) Am Webstuhl der Zeit (21) Die Ratten (21) Marizza, genannt die Schmuggler-Madonna (22) Tingeltangel (22) Es leuchtet meine Liebe (22) Tabea, stehe auf! (22) Lola Montez, die Tänzerin des Königs (22) Der Sprung ins Leben (24) Die Bacchantin (24) Die Feuertänzerin (25) Herbstmanöver (26) Arme kleine Sif (27) Die heilige Lüge (27) Rätsel einer Nacht (27) Der falsche Prinz (27) Die Hölle der Jungfrauen (28) Geschlecht in Fesseln (28) Peter der Matrose (29) Der König von Paris (30) Die singende Stadt (30) Der Herzog von Reichstadt (31) 6 Hours to Live (32) Adorable (33) The Devil's in Love (33) Storm Over the Andes (35) Alas sobre El Chaco (35) Thin Ice (37) Espionage Agent (39) The Dawn Express (42) The Pie Piper (42) Desperate Journey (42) The Navy Comes Through (42) Margin for Error (43) Plan for Destruction (43) Background to Danger (43) First Comes Courage (43) Passage to Marseille (44) Resisting Enemy Interrogation (44)