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Alexander Trojan

1914 - 1992

The actor Alexander Trojan was born as Alexander Takacs in Vienna.

The theater was his great passion and he already appeared on the stage as a child at the legendary "Wiener Burgtheater" where he appeared regularly. 

As an adult followed soon engaments for other well-known theaters like the "Volkstheater" and at the "Wiener Kammerspiele". At the burgtheater - his first domain - he was a member from 1938 to 1991. 

But he was also able to gain a foothold in the film business from 1939 and till the end of war he took part in the movies "Frau im Strom" (39), "Der ewige Quell" (40), "Gabriele Dambrone" (43) and "Wo ist Herr Belling?" (45).

He continued his film career after the war, first for the motion-picture theater, later television as well. 
To his movies of those years belong "Am Ende der Welt" (47), "Das seltsame Leben des Herrn Bruggs" (51), "Spionage" (55), "Das Riesenrad" (61), "Waldrausch" (62), "Marie Octobre" (64), "Palace-Hotel" (69), "Kabale und Liebe" (76) and the serial "Strauss Dynasty" (91).

Other movies with Alexander Trojan:
Wer küsst wen? (47) Der Leberfleck (49) Das Siegel Gottes (49) Auf der Alm, da gibt's ka Sünd' (50) Panoptikum 59 (59) Ein Tag im Leben von... (61) Heinrich VI (64)Party im Zwielicht (65) Dem Himmel näher (65) Ein Bruderzwist in Habsburg (66) Blaues Wild (70) Serie "Der Kommissar: Das goldene Pflaster" (75) Poliziotto senza paura (78)