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Louis Treumann

Picture Louis Treumann
Foto: Ludwig Gutmann (1869-1943)

1872 - 1943

The singer and actor Louis Treumann was born as Alois Pollitzer in Vienna. He belonged to the great stars around Franz Léhar and had an enormous success in Germany.

He started his career at the theater from the bottom up. After first jobs behind the stage followed first roles at smaller theaters in Germany and Austria. The breakthrough followed in 1902 with his engagement at the Carltheater in Franz Léhar's play "Rastelbinder" at Mizzi Günther's side.

He continued his stage career in the next years and increased his popularity. To the milestones of his career belong the world première of "Die lustige Witwe" (1905) in the role of Danilo.

Louis Treumann was not only famous as a gifted singer and actor but also for his airs and graces which was often in his way.
There was a little scandal when he wanted a special song for the play "Der Mann mit den drei Frauen". When he was not able to assert he became so furious that he reported sick himself afterwards. The theater management of  "Theater an der Wien" accused him of breaching of contract and Louis Treumann even became arrested. On the occasion there was a tumult because his female fans tried to prevent the arrest.

Finally the situation quietened down and Louis Treumann changed to the "Johann-Strauss-Theater". Later followed appearances in Germany again but he often returned to Vienna, especially to appear in plays by Léhar.

Because of his great name recognition at the the theater he was also engaged for some movies at the end of the 20's. 
He made his film debut with "Der Rastelbinder" (27), it followed "Flucht in die Fremdenlegion" (29), "Spiel um den Mann" (29), "Trust der Diebe" (29), "Katharina Knie" (29) and "Die Warschauer Zitadelle" (30).

Afterwards he concentrated to the theater again but there should not be much time for this goal.
The time for Jews in Germany and Austria became more and more difficult. Louis Treumann's last appearance came in 1935 into being with "Maja", than he was no longer able to work.
He was arrested and brought to an assembly camp. When the actor Theo Lingen heared about it he spoke up for Louis Treumann and was really able to assert the release. But as soon as Theo Lingen was gone they arrested Louis Treumann again.

It followed years of uncertainty and in this time he was often planned for transports to concentration camps. But Franz Léhar could enforce his influence several times to avoid such a transport. But finally he was deported to Theresenstadt together with his wife. His wife died two months later and Louis Treumann plunged into a depression.
Louis Treumann also died in Theresienstadt in 1943.