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Alice Torning

Foto: Wilhelm Willinger (1879-1943)

1893 - ?

The actress Alice Torning was born as Alice Pauline Marie Thönert in Stettin. She was able to gain a foothold in the silent film era from 1916 and at the beginning of her career she took part in "Kellner, zahlen" (16) and "Luxuspflänzchen" (19).

She remained focused to the theater and therefore she appeared only in few more movies of the 20s.
To these movies belong "Der kleine Muck" (21) playing Mrs Ahavzi, "Aus den Erinnerungen eines Frauenarztes" (22) directed by Gerhard Lamprecht and Lupu Pick, "Wehe wenn sie losgelassen" (26) directed by Carl Froelich with Henny Porten in the leading role, "Der Hauptmann von Köpenick" (26) with Hermann Picha playing the title role, "Svengali" (28), "Moral" (28) and as the ringmaster's wife in "Robert und Bertram" (28) with Harry Liedtke and Fritz Kampfers impersonating the title roles.

With the rise of the sound film she retired from the film business.

Other movies with Alice Torning:
Ach, Amalia, was haste bloss getan (16) Der Dummkopf (21) Und dennoch kam das Glück (23) Wie einst im Mai (26) Meine Tante – deine Tante (27) Die schönsten Beine von Berlin (27) Seine stärkste Waffe (28)