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Margarethe Thumann

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The actress Margarethe Thumann joined the film business in 1915 and she took part in several movies in the 10s.

She played the role of Vroni in "Der Meineidbauer" (15) directed by Jakob and Luise Fleck. To her co-stars belonged Hermann Benke, Karl Baumgartner and Margarete Neff.
Afterwards followed the movies "Mit Herz und Hand fürs Vaterland" (15) with Hubert Marischka, Liane Haid, Hermann Benke and Max Neufeld, "Sommeridylle" (16) with Liane Haid, Hermann Benke, Karl Baumgartner and Max Neufeld and "Armer Teufel/Wenn ew'ger Hass" (16) with Hermann Romberg and Hermann Benke. All these movies were also directed by Jakob and Luise Fleck. It followed a role in Georg Jacobys "Das zweite Leben" (16) with Paul Götz.

Her last cinematical works came in the 20s into being.
She appeared in Max Neufeld's "Die Brandstifter Europas" (26) at the side of Eugen Neufeld, Max Neufeld, Hans Marr, Charlotte Ander, Victor Kutschera and Hermann Benke and in the remake of Jakob and Luise Fleck's "Der Meineidbauer" (26) with Eduard von Winterstein, Arthur Ranzenhofer, Olaf Storm and Alfred Gerasch.