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Robert Thoeren

1903 - 1957

The actor and screenwriter Robert Thoeren was born as Robert Thorsch in Brünn.

He made his stage debut in 1922 and he appeared at different theaters in the next years, among others also in Berlin.

He impersonated his first movie role in 1930 for "Der Schuss im Tonfilmatelier" (30). It followed few more movies like "Weib im Dschungel" (31), "...und das ist die Hauptsache!?" (31), "Tropennächte" (31), "Der Zinker" (31) and "Er und sein Diener" (31).

When the National Socialists came into power Robert Thoeren went to France where he became a screenwriter.
He wrote the screenplays for "Les yeux noirs" (35), "Fanfare d'amour" (35) and "Le dompteur" (38).

Already in May 1938 he went to the USA where he became established as a screenwriter as well.
He wrote plays like "Hotel Imperial" (39), "Rage in Heaven" (41), "Mrs. Parkington" (44), "Temptation" (46), "An Act of Murder" (48), "Captain Carey, U.S.A." (50) and "The Prowler" (51).
Beside it he also was the owner of an orange plantation.

Finally he returned to Germany and he continued his career as a screenwriter in the 50s.
To these works belong "Banditen der Autobahn" (55), "Sarajevo" (55), "Zwischen Zeit und Ewigkeit" (56), "Bekenntnisse des Hochstaplers Felix Krull" (57) and "Petersburger Nächte" (58).

Robert Thoeren was among others married with the actress Erica Beer.

Robert Thoeren died in a car accident at the age of 54 in 1957. He didn't had to witness that his daughter from the first marriage who lived in the USA fell victim to a violent felony at the age of 21 in 1960.

Other movies from Robert Thoeren (Writer):
Adventure (45) La mujer de todos (46) Singapore (47) The Fighting O'Flynn (49) Big Jack (49) My Daughter Joy (50) September Affair (50) Fanfaren der Liebe (51) La minute de vérité (52) Serie "Lux Video Theatre: An Act of Murder" (55) Serie "Lux Video Theatre: An Temptation" (56)