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Erna Thiele

Foto:Alexander Binder (1888-1929)

1895 - ?


The actress Erna Thiele gained a foothold in the film business in 1916 and she took part in "Leutnant auf Befehl" (16) with Ernst Lubitsch, Harry Liedtke and Ossi Oswalda, playing the role of Anna in "Homunculus, 3. Teil: Die Liebeskomödie des Homunculus" (16) directed by Otto Rippert with Olaf Fönss, Friedrich Kühne and Theodor Loos and "Der unsichtbare Mensch" (16) with Ida Perry and Bruno Kastner.

In the next years followed other silent movies like "Die Botschaft des Jean Battista/Löffel Nummer siebzehn" (17) with Adolf Klein and Victor Janson, as Sigrid Erlenstein in "Die weissen Rosen von Ravensberg" (19) directed by and with Nils Chrisander, Uschi Elleot and Robert Scholz and "Der rote Sarafan" (19) with Friedrich Zelnik and Karl Platen.

In 1918 she got married with the aristocratic Joseph Friedrich Johannes Marie Hubertus Graf Praschma, Freiherr von Bilkau in first marriage and afterwards she dedicated to her family life.

Only in 1924 she appeared again in front of the camera for the last time for "Marie d'Amour und ihre Liebhaber" (24) with Hanni Weisse and Hans Junkermann.

Other movies with Erna Thiele:
Alles aus Gefälligkeit (16) Der Regisseur (16) Nirwana (16) Bummelstudenten (17) Menschen in Ketten (19) Des Teufels Puppe (19)