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Helene Thimig

Picture Helene Thimig
Foto: Franz Xaver Setzer (1886-1939)

1889 - 1974

The actress Helene Thimig was the daughter of the actor Hugo Thimig geboren. Her brothers Hans and Hermann Thimig became also famous actors.

Helene Thimig concentrated always to the theater and only appeared sporadically in front of the camera. Her career led her from Meiningen to the royal Schauspielhaus Berlin and finally to the Deutsches Theater Berlin. In Berlin she met the important theater director Max Reinhardt in 1917. They had a long lasting relationship and after the divorce of Max Reinhardt from the actress Else Heims they got married in 1935.

She made her film debut in 1932 with "Mensch ohne Namen" and was her only German movie till the end of war.
Only one year later she emigrated first to Vienna, and in 1937 together with Max Reinhardt to the USA. There she impersonated several support roles in movies like "The Moon Is Down" (43), "The Hitler Gang" (44), "The Seventh Cross" (44), "Hotel Berlin" (45) and "Cloak and Dagger - Im Geheimdienst" (46).

She returned to Austria after the war and continued her impressive theater career. She also appeared in several German-speaking movies like "Der Engel mit der Posaune" (48), "Das Mädchen vom Pfarrhof" (55) and "Waldwinter" (56) and in the American production "Decision Before Dawn" (51).

Helene Thimig was among other also married with the actor Anton Edthofer.

Other movies with Helene Thimig:
The Gay Sisters (42) Edge of Darkness (43) Strangers in the Night (44) None But the Lonely Heart (44) The Master Race (44) Roughly Speaking (45) Isle of the Dead (45) This Love of Ours - Die Liebe unseres Lebens (45) The Locket - Das Medaillon (46) High Conquest (47) Cry Wolf (47) Das unsterbliche Antlitz (47) Escape Me Never (47) Gottes Engel sind überall (48) Undine (55) Die Magd von Heiligenblut (56)