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Fritz Thiery

1899 - 1986

The sound film engineer Fritz Thiery finished an education as an engineering scientist for the company Siemens.

There he made experiences in the field of the electro acoustics and therefore he became a demanden sound film engineer for the new arising sound film era.

He already was responsible for the sound in a movie for the first time in 1929 for "Melodie des Herzens" (29) and in the next years followed numerous important productions.

To his most popular cinematical works of the 30s belong "Der blaue Engel" (30), "Liebling der Götter" (30), "Der Kongress tanzt" (31), "Ein blonder Traum" (32), "F.P.1 antwortet nicht" (32), "Viktor und Viktoria" (33), "Amphitryon" (35), "Boccaccio" (36), "Glückskinder" (36), "Unter heissem Himmel" (36), "Fanny Elssler" (37) and "Gasparone" (39).

During World War II came only few more movies as a sound engineer into being with "Das Lied der Wüste" (39) and "Links der Isar - rechts der Spree" (40).
Besides his activity as a sound film engineer he also realised his only movie as a director in 1939 with "Prinzessin Sissy" (39).

Moreover he was the producer of few movies like "Nora" (44), "Träumerei" (44), "Der Puppenspieler" (45), "Der stumme Gast" (45) and "Musik bei Nacht" (53).
Furthermore he became the head of the animation film department of the UFA in 1939 where he remained one year.

Fritz Thiery became the fiduciary and manager of the Bavaria Filmkunst after the war. He performed this activity till 1958. 

Other movies from Fritz Thiery:
Der unsterbliche Lump (30) Voruntersuchung (31) Der Sieger (32) Quick (32) Saison in Kairo (33) Walzerkrieg (33) Ihre Durchlaucht, die Verkäuferin (33) Die Töchter ihrer Exzellenz (34) Der junge Baron Neuhaus (34) Ich sehne mich nach dir (34) Verlieb Dich nicht am Bodensee (35) Schwarze Rosen (35) Stjenka Rasin (36) Jugend der Welt (36) Sieben Ohrfeigen (37) Die Geliebte (39) Heimatland (39)