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Fritz Strassny

1868 - 1942

The actor Fritz Strassny began his professional life as an engine fitter. Later he studied medicine.

Fritz Strassny decided late to become an actor and he made his theater debut in Vienna at the Theater in der Josefstadt in 1894. He soon became a popular stage actor and he impersonated numerous roles. He remained active at the Theater in der Josefstadt for 15 years before he went to the legendary Burgtheater where he was busy till 1938.

Fritz Strassny also impersonated roles in movies from 1920 and to his first productions belong "Durch die Quartiere des Elends und Verbrechens" (20), "Die Geheimnisse von London" (20), "Kleider machen Leute" (21), "Die Spur im Dunkeln" (21), "Orlacs Hände" (24) and "Ssanin" (24).

His engagements in front of the camera diminished in the second half of the 20s and he took part in the movies "Die Frau von gestern und morgen/Der Scheidungsanwalt" (28) and "Erzherzog Johann" (29).

His last cinematical works came in the sound film era of the 30s into being with "Purpur und Waschblau" (31), "Die grosse Liebe" (31) and "Yiskor" (33).

When Austria joined the German Reich the impressive career of the Jew Fritz Strassny ended immediately. The deserved actor was discharged at the Burgtheater. In 1942 he was deported to the ghetto Theresienstadt where he was murdered in the same year.

Other movies with Fritz Strassny:
Notsignal (20) Das grinsende Gesicht (21) Zwerg Nase (21) Gevatter Tod (21) Der Dämon des Grand Hotel Majestic (22) Der hinkende Teufel (22) Die Menschen nennen es Liebe... (22) Walpurgiszauber (23) Jiskor (24)