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Agnes Straub

Zeichnung: Emil Stumpp (1886-1941)

1890 - 1941

The actress Agnes Straub already made first theater experiences as a child and she deepend her passion by taking acting lessons.
She made her professional stage debut in 1908 and in the next years followed engagements in Bonn, Vienna and Berlin.

In Berlin she became established as a stage actress in no time and she became very popular. She appeared at the most important theaters in Berlin in those years.

It didn't last long till Agnes Straub was also engaged for the silent film.
She made her screen debut in 1919 with "Morphium" (19), "Die Siebzehnjährigen" (19) and "Die Teufelskirche" (19).

In the 20s followed other successful engagements in popular movies like "Der Richter von Zalamea" (20), "Der Roman der Christine von Herre" (21), "Fridericus Rex" (22), "Der falsche Dimitri" (22), "Wilhelm Tell" (23) and "Primanerliebe" (27).

During the sound film era of the 30s she only appeared occasionally in front of the camera but was still very busy on the stage, among others at her own founded "Agnes Straub-Theater".
But the 30s represented a negative turning point in her private life. First her Jewish life partner and director Leo Reuss had to emigrate and in 1938 Agnes Straub sustained a serious car accident which ended her acting career from one day to the next. Only three years later she died of the late effect of the accident.

Therefore her few appearances in the 30s remain the only sound film references of her acting abilities. To these productions belong "Alraune" (30), "Die vier Musketiere" (34), "Weisse Sklaven" (37), "Fridericus" (37), Die Warschauer Zitadelle" (37) and "Nanu, Sie kennen Korff noch nicht?" (38) with Heinz Rühmann in the leading role.

Besides her acting career she was also the director of the Theater am Kurfürstendamm from 1935 to 1938.

Other movies with Agnes Straub:
Du meine Himmelskönigin (19) Das Geheimnis des Irren (19) Um der Liebe Willen (20) Der Schädel der Pharaonentochter (20) Aus dem Schwarzbuch eines Polizeikommissars (21) Am roten Kliff (21) Der Graf von Essex (22) Zwischen Abend und Morgen (23) Der Weg zu Gott (24) Das Haus der Lüge (26)