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Rose Stradner

Foto: Gregory Harlip (?-1945)

1913 - 1958

The actress Rose Stradner made her stage debut after the examination of the Academy for Music and Art in 1929 in Zurich. At the beginning of the 30's became a star at the theaters in Vienna. From 1933 she also appeared in movies.
To her first productions belong "Ein gewisser Herr Gran" (33), "So endete eine Liebe" (34), "Der Mann mit der Pranke" (35) and "Stadt Anatol" (36).

Finally she was engaged to Hollywood by Louis B. Mayer where she made her much promising US debut at Edward G. Robinson's side in "The Last Gangster" (37). 

But her second movie "Blind Alley" (39) did not offer her much acting possibilites. When she got married with the director Joseph L. Mankiewicz she retired from the film business and she looked after her two sons.

Only in 1944 she made a brief comeback with "The Keys of the Kingdom" (44), but the new breakthrough failed to come.
Her last cinematical appearance was for an episode of the TV serial "Suspense: Reign of Terror" (53).

Because of her unintentional role as a housewife she came in contact with alcohol. It followed phases of depression which finally led to her suicide with sleeping pills - she was only 45 years old. 

Rose Stradner was married with the director Karl Heinz Martin in first marriage.

Other movies with Rose Stradner:
Hochzeit am Wolfgangsee (33) Campo di maggio (35) Nacht der Verwandlung (35) Der Postillon von Lonjumeau (35) Hundert Tage (35) Diener lassen bitten (36) Der König lächelt – Paris lacht (36)