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Ludwig Stössel

Foto: Alexander Binder (1888-1929)

1883 - 1973

The actor Ludwig Stössel belongs to the interesting support actors of the German film who was able to launch a second career in the USA.

Er began his career at the theater where he made his first experiences at Josef Jarno. He soon became a successful character actor and played for the most important stages of Germany, among other at Max Reinhardt in Berlin, at the Barnowsky-Bühne and at the German Künstlertheater.
Moreover he managed the Thalia-Theater in Breslau together with Paul Barnay.

Ludwit Stössel came relative late to the film. His first movie came into being in 1926 with the title "In der Heimat, da gibt's ein Wiedersehn!" (26). In the next years followed other silent movies like "Herkules Maier" (27), "Aus dem Tagebuch eines Junggesellen" (28), "Der Günstling von Schönbrunn" (29) and "Katharina Knie" (29).

His roles became more extensive with the rise of the sound film and he took part in some important productions. To his well-known movies of those years belong "Skandal um Eva" (30), "Die Koffer des Herrn O.F." (31), "Die Gräfin von Monte Christo" (32), "Der Rebell" (32), "Das Testament des Dr. Mabuse" (33) and "Eine Nacht in Venedig" (34).

He was driven out from Germany by the National Socialists because of his Jewish origin. He went to Austria and appeared in few movies but his main activity was at the theater. He was engaged at the Raimundtheater and at the Theater in der Josefstadt.
When the National Socialism arrived in Austria in 1938 he emigrated together with his wife via Paris and London to Hollywood. There he was able to continue his film career as a support actor in many American movies.
As it was usual in the USA in those days the victims of the National Socialists had to play their tormentors. Ludwig Stössel also acted in some propaganda movies agains Hitler like "The Strange Death of Adolf Hitler" (43) and "Hitler's Madman" (43).

But Ludwig Stössel didn't let nail him down to such movies and he took part in many other genres. To his well-known movies of the 40's belong "Four Sons" (40), "Jennie" (40), "Woman of the Year" (42), the classic "Casablanca" (42) - in which he impersonated the German emigrant Mr. Leuchtag, "Bluebeard" (44), "Dillinger" (45), "House of Dracula" (45), "Cloak and Dagger" (46), "A Song Is Born" (48) and "The Great Sinner" (49).

Although the war was over in Europe long ago he didn't return to Germany. He stood in the USA which became his second home.
In the 50's followed more often engagements for television but he still appeared in some feature movies. To these productions belong "The Merry Widow" (52), "White Goddess" (53), "Tales of Frankenstein" (58), "Me and the Colonel" (58) and "From the Earth to the Moon" (58).

To his last cinematical work belong "G.I. Blues" (60) with Elvis Presley and an episode of the TV serial "The New Phil Silvers Show: The Little Old Gluemaker, Me!" (63).

The name Ludwig Stössel is no longer a concept for most people in Germany, but in the USA he is still well-known. Beside his role in "Casablanca" he also became famous with a serial of promotional films for the winegrowing estaten Gallo for which he impersonated the figure "Little Old Winemaker" for one decade.

Other movies with Ludwig Stössel:
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