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Fritz Staudte

1883 - 1958

The actor Fritz Staudte first finished an education as a bookseller before he decided to become an actor.
He began his career at smaller theaters in Germany in 1903, finally he went to Berlin in 1908 where he was busy as a stage actor and theater director. To his well-known venues belonged the "Volkstheater" and the "Deutsche Theater".

He entered the film business in 1929 and his first appearance in front of the camera was the silent movie "Napoleon auf St. Helena" (29) where he impersonated to role of Talleyrand.

He played other support roles in the 30s for productions like "Yorck" (31) , "Stradivari" (35) as Nicolo Amati, as servant Karl "Maja zwischen zwei Ehen" (38) and "Ich verweigere die Aussage" (39).

He continued his film career in the 40s with "Das grosse Spiel" (42), "Ich habe von dir geträumt" (44) and "Das Mädchen Juanita" (45).

His last cinematial appearance came with "Der Untertan" (51) into being.

His son Wolfgang Staudte became a famous movie director and Fritz Staudte acted in some of his son's movies in the 30s. He also wrote together with Wolfgang Staudte the screenplays for "Die Mörder sind unter uns" (46), "Rotation" (49) and "Der Untertan" (51).

Other movies with Fritz Staudte:
Anschlag auf Schweda (35) Liebelei und Liebe (38) Mann für Mann (39) Familienanschluss (41) Wenn der junge Wein blüht (43)