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Karel Stepanek

1899 - 1980

The Tschech actor Karel Stepanek joined an acting education in Germany and from 1920 he worked on different stages, first in Brünn, later in Vienna and finally Berlin. There he was able to launch an impressive film career as Karl Stepanek. 

He made his film debut with the silent movie "Ein Lied, ein Dieb, ein Warenhaus" (28) before his started his impressive sound film career in Germany with "Berlin-Alexanderplatz" (31).

In the next years he impersonated numerous support roles in movies like "Fünf von der Jazzband" (32), "Spione im Savoy-Hotel" (32), "Walzerkrieg" (33), "Die Unbekannte" (36), "Es leuchten die Sterne" (38), "Narren im Schnee" (38), "Hotel Sacher" (39), "Der Florentiner Hut" (39) and "Frauen sind doch bessere Diplomaten" (41).

While his last movies were still running in the cinemas he already emigrated to Italy in 1939 when World War II broke out, the year after he went to England. 

There he was able to continue his career both on stage and in movies. Among others he appeared in the movies "Secret Mission" (42), "They Met in the Dark" (43), "The Captive Heart" (46), "Counterblast" (48) and "Golden Arrow" (49). 
He often was engaged to play Nazi villains - roles he hardly could elude.

He continued his film career successfully in the 50s and 60s and took part in many movies and TV productions. 
To these works belong "No Highway" (51), "Affair in Trinidad" (52), "City Beneath the Sea" (53), "Dangerous Cargo" (54), "Anastasia" (56), an episode of the serial "The Adventures of Robin Hood: The Wanderer" (56), "West of Suez" (57), "Our Man in Havana" (59), "Sink the Bismarck!" (60), "Wernher von Braun" (60), "Schachnovelle" (60), "Neunzig Minuten nach Mitternacht" (62), an episode of the serial "Das Kriminalmuseum: Die Nadel" (63), "Operation Crossbow" (65), "Licensed to Kill" (65) and "Der Mörderclub von Brooklyn" (67).

His last appearances in front of the camera were "The Games" (70) and "Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up to Me" (71).

Other movies with Karel Stepanek:
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