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Hannes Stelzer

1910 - 1944

The actor Hannes Stelzer was born into an acting family and his parents toured through the country with a travelling theater and the young Hannes Stelzer could see the whole country. He himself conquered the German big screen from the middle of the 30's and was very successful till the 40's.

He was able to become accommodated by a Vienna drama school and later he made his stage debut at the Neues Frankfurter Theater Main.

He began his career with movies like "Traumulus" (36), "Truxa" (37), "Der Herrscher" (37) and "Fahrendes Volk" (39) and became soon a popular Ufa star.

When World War II broke out his movie engagements dropped of. Among others he took part in "Bal Paré" (40), "Venus vor Gericht" (41), "Stukas" (41) and "Besatzung Dora" (43).

As a soldier he was detailed to the air force where he was an airman, a role he already could test in his movie "Stukas" before.
On 27th December 1944 he was shot down in the East near the Hungary Komarom during an air combat.

Hannes Stelzer was married with the actress Maria Bard who already comitted suicide in April 1944.

Other movies with Hannes Stelzer: 
Der Abenteurer von Paris (36) Der Katzensteg (37) Unternehmen Michael (37) Signal in der Nacht (37) Der Spieler (38) Silvesternacht am Alexanderplatz (39) Eine kleine Nachtmusik (39) Die Pfingstorgel (39) Ein hoffnungsloser Fall (39) Was wird hier gespielt? (40) Über alles in der Welt (41)