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Traudl Stark

1930 - 2021

The actress Traudl Stark was born as Gertraud M. Stark in Vienna. She became a popular child actress in well-known movies of the 30's.

She made her film debut at the age of five with "Lockspitzel Asew" (35).
One year leater followed "Seine Tochter ist der Peter" (36), in which she impersonated the title role and "Manja Valewska" (36).

The young Traudl Stark was engaged in other movies till briefly after the outbreak of World War II, among them "Peter im Schnee" (37), "Liebling der Matrosen" (37), "Prinzessin Sissy/Der Wildfang" (38) as Sissy, "Mutterliebe" (39), "Leidenschaft" (40) and "Der Fuchs von Glenarvon" (40).

By the way the movie "Der Fuchs von Glenarvon" represents the sad destiny of many artists who didn't survive the war. Only in this movies six of the actors were afflicted like Karl Dannemann (suicide in 1945), Friedrich Kayssler (homicide in 1945), Aribert Mog (killed in action in 1941), Horst Birr (executed in 1944 by the National Socialists), Paul Otto (suicide 1943) und Hermann Braun (killed in action in 1945).

Traudl Stark lost her interest into the film business after the war and after a commercial education she worked for an office of the American occupying power.
There she met her husband Jack Elliot, they got married in 1948 and went to the USA where they founded a family with four children. 

Later she got married with her second husband Thomas South. They lived in Tampa, Florida till to her death on October 14, 2021.