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Emil Stammer

1858 - 1926

The actor Emil Stammer started his artistic career by taking singing lessons first. Later he also became an education as an actor and finally he became established both as a singer and actor.

Finally he dedicated to the opera where he was very successful and he apppeard at different operas in cities like St. Petersburg and Berlin.

The film business became aware of Emil Stammer at the old age of 60 and he took part in his first movies "Störtebeker" (19) and "Augen" (19).

His last appearances in front of the camera came in the silent movie era of the 20s into being, among them the well-known productions "Schneider Wibbel" (20), "Schwarzwaldmädel" (20), "Das Fest der schwarzen Tulpe" (20), "Die goldene Pest" (21), "Marie Antoinette - Das Leben einer Köngin" (22) and "Das Mädel von Pontecuculi" (24).

Weitere Filme mit Emil Stammer:
Die entkleidete Braut (19) Die Tänzerin Barberina (20) Die Welt des Scheines (20) Das Skelett des Herrn Markutius (20) Wer war es? (21) Der vergiftete Strom (21) Der Fall Gembalsky (22) Jiu-Jitsu-Meisterin (22)