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Lothar Stark

1876 - 1944

The producer Lothar Stark began his professional career as a journalist before he became interested in the new medium "film".

He took over the function of a distributor but he also produced first own movies from 1915 like "Die verschleierte Dame" (15), "Das Abenteuer des Van Dola" (15), "Hoffmanns Erzählungen" (16), "Die silberne Kugel" (16) and "Doktor Palmore - Der schleichende Tod" (18).

He realised several silent movies in the 20s, among them "Die versunkene Flotte" (26), "Die weisse Sklavin" (27), "Der falsche Prinz" (27), "Frauenraub in Marokko" (28) and "Sensation im Wintergarten" (29).

His last produced movies came in the 30s into being with "Nur am Rhein..." (30), "Der wahre Jakob" (31), "Durch die Wüste" (36) and "Der geheimnisvolle Mr. X" (36).

Lothar Stark already attracted the attention of the National Socialists from 1933 which led to an interruption of his work in Germany. But from 1935 he was able to produce some more movies in Germany. Finally it was no longer possible to work there and he went to Copenhagen and afterwards to England. When he was not able to gain a foothold in the British film business he returned to Copenhagen. But soon he had tl flee again when the Germans invaded Denmark. Lothar Stark took cover for the next three years in Denmark. Only in 1943 he was able to flee to Sweden. Not least becuase of the strain he died in Sweden six months later.

Other movies from Lothar Stark (Producer):
Und wandern sollst Du ruhelos (15) La fauteuil 47 (26) Die Stadt der tausend Freuden (27) Das Karussell des Todes (28) Der ungetreue Eckehart (31)

Das Abenteuer des Van Dola (15)