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Curt A. Stark

1880 - 1916

The director and actor Curt A. Stark was born as Kurt Schöltzel-Stark in Springe near Hannover.

He made his stage debut as an actor in 1900 at the Stadttheater in Harburg. Afterwards followed numerous engagements at theaters in smaller and bigger cities, among them Berlin. He also went on tour which led him to the USA where he played for two years.

He entered the film business in 1910 both as a movie director and actor.
To his numerous directed movies of the early 10s - which he often shot with the actress Henny Porten in the leading role - belong "Der Kinderarzt" (10), "Liebe und Leidenschaft" (11), "Kämpfende Herzen" (12), "Der Schatten des Meeres" (12), "Erloschenes Licht" (13), "Ihr guter Ruf" (13), "Der Weg des Lebens" (13), "Das Tal des Traumes" (14), "Gretchen Wendland" (14) and "Alexandra" (15).
He got married with the actress Henny Porten in 1912.

Curt A. Stark also impersonated roles in front of the camera like "Ringkampf Konkurrenz" (10), "Schuld und Sühne" (11), "Der Müller und sein Kind" (11), "Adressatin verstorben" (12), "Des Lebens Würfelspiel" (16), "Ihr guter Ruf" (13) and "Adoptivkind" (14).

Curt A. Stark already turned out to be a talented marketing strategist at this early period of the cinema who knew how to enthuse the audience with unusual actions.
There is an example of such an event on the page of film-zeit.de. For the first night of his newest movie in Cologne he first showed the supporting movie "Henny Portens Reise nach Köln zur Eröffnung des Modernen Theaters" (12). In this supporting movie the audience could see the leading actress Henny Porten working in Berlin and that this is the reason she is not present the first night. Finally she sets off in a hurry, boards a plane in the direction of cologne and after the landing she races to the theater. The supporting movie stopped and an out of breath Henny Porten appears from behind the screen like if she appeared directly from the airport.

The film career of Curt A. Stark ended abruptly with the outbreak of World War I. He was sent to the front where he died at the age of only 36 during a combat in Siebenbürgen. 

Other movies from Curt A. Stark (Director):
Das Liebesglück der Blinden (11) Ein Leben (11) Im goldenen Käfig (12) Maskierte Liebe (12) Jung und Alt (12) Die Tänzerin (12) Unter der Maske (12) Um Haaresbreite (12) Mimosa-san (13) Eva (13) Der Feind im Land (13) Der wankende Glaube (13) Komtesse Ursel (13) Das Opfer (13) Ihre Hoheit (14) Um das Glück betrogen (14) Die grosse Sünderin (14) Bergnacht (14) Ein Überfall im Feindesland (14) Nordlandrose (14) Durchs Ziel (14)

Perlen bedeuten Tränen (11) Ein Leben (11) Maskierte Liebe (12) Der Schatten des Meeres (12) Der Kuss des Fürsten (12) Das Opfer (13) Das Tal des Traumes (14) Nordlandrose (14)