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Julius Spielmann

Lichtbild aus "Das Dreimäderlhaus" 1918

1866 - 1920

The actor and singer Julius Spielmann sang in his early years in a choir at the Prager National theater before he got singing lessons by Angelo Neumann.

After his education he soon became established at the theater and he appeared as a tenor and operetta singer in cities like Pilsen, Graz, Stettin, Berlin, Hamburg and Vienna. From 1900 he acted in St. Petersburg for three years before he returned to Germany.

Julius Spielmann appeared only briefly in the film business, his activity remained limited to the year 1918.

In the movie „Das Dreimäderlhaus“ (18) he impersonated the composer Franz Schubert at the side of Wilhelm Diegelmann, Sybille Binder, Anita Berber, Conrad Veidt, Bruno Eichgrün and Max Gülstorff. The director was Richard Oswald.

Afterwards he played Jason Gebert in the production „Jettchen Gebert“ (18) directed Richard Oswald with Mechhildis Thein, Conrad Veidt, Clementine Plessner, Max Gülstorff, Hugo Döblin and Fritz Richard and also in the sequel „Henriette Jacoby“ (18) directed Richard Oswald with Mechthildis Thein, Conrad Veidt, Clementine Plessner and Max Gülstorff.