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Theodor Sparkuhl

1894 - 1946

The cinematographer Theodor Sparkuhl began his professional career as a seller of movie projectors and afterwards he went go Gaumont in Berlin in 1912 in order to join an education as a cinematographer for newsreels.
In the next years his profession led him to different distant countries and during World War I he was present as a cinematographer at different theaters of war.

Finally he turned his interest to the cinema and he began to work as a cinematographer for movies from 1916.
At the beginning he often filmed productions of the legendary director Ernst Lubitsch for whom he worked till 1922.
To his first movies belong "Leutnant auf Befehl" (16), "Der Millionenschuster" (16), "Der Rodelkavalier" (18), "Ich möchte kein Mann sein" (18), "Meyer aus Berlin" (19), "Kreuzigt sie!" (19), "Die Austernprinzessin" (19), "Vendetta" (19) and "Madame DuBarry" (19).

He cemented his outstanding reputation in the 20s and in the next years he worked for many other well-known directors beside Ernst Lubitsch.
To his most popular works of thse years belong "Kohlhiesels Töchter" (20), "Romeo und Julia im Schnee" (20), "Sumurun" (20), "Anna Boleyn" (20), "Die Bergkatze" (21), "Der Roman eines Dienstmädchens" (21), "Das Weib des Pharao" (22), "Das alte Gesetz" (23),"Carlos und Elisabeth" (24), "Die Gesunkenen" (26), "Manon Lescaut" (26), "Madame wünscht keine Kinder" (26), "Der letzte Walzer" (27), "Der Henker/Der Staatsanwalt klagt an" (28) and "Abwege" (28).

Afterwards Theodor Sparkuhl left Germany and he worked in England and France till 1931. There he took part in the movies "After the Verdict" (29), "Champagner" (29), "The Informer" (29), "Suspense" (30), "La meilleure bobonne" (30), "Le blanc et le noir" (31), "La chienne" (31) and "L'amour à l'américaine" (31).

He went to the USA together with his family in 1931 where he was able to continue his film career at Paramount. Also in the USA he asserted himself soon and he was engaged for numerous movies in the next years.
To these productions belong "No More Women" (34), "Caravan" (34), "The Last Outpost" (35), "Wells Fargo" (37), "If I Were King" (38), "Beau Geste" (39), "Among the Living" (41), "The Glass Key" (42), "Till We Meet Again" (44), "Salty O'Rourke" (45) and "The Bachelor's Daughters" (46).

Other movies from Theodor Sparkuhl:
Der G.m.b.H. Tenor (16) Das fidele Gefängnis (17) Der Flieger von Goerz (18) Keimendes Leben (18) Das Mädel vom Ballet (18) Meine Frau, die Filmschauspielerin (19) Der lustige Ehemann (19) Rausch (19) Komtesse Doddy (19) Die Puppe (19) Die Marchesa d'Armiani (20) Grausige Nächte (21) Die Sünder der Mutter (21) Zum Paradies der Damen (22) Die Flamme (23) S.O.S. Die Insel der Tränen (23) Die fünfte Strasse (23) Neuland (24) Decameron Nights (24) Komödie des Herzens (24) Die Frau von vierzig Jahren (25) Die Prinzessin und der Geiger (25) Fedora (26) Die Boxerbraut (26) Die Flucht in den Zirkus (26) Der Soldat der Marie (27) Der Sohn der Hagar (27) Jugendrausch (27) Der Fluch der Vererbung (27) Die Spielerin (27) Zwei unterm Himmelszelt (27) Sindflut (27) Ich hatte einst ein schönes Vaterland (28) Liebeskarneval (28)  The Lady from the Sea (29) The Flying Scotsman (29) The Rocket Bus (29) The Compulsory Husband (30) Harmony Heaven (30) Les amours de minuit (31) Moritz macht sein Glück (31) On purge bébé (31) Mitternachtsliebe (31) Baleydier (32) Seul (32) Midnight Club (33) Too Much Harmony (33) Lone Cowboy (33) Father Brown, Detective (34) Enter Madame! (35) Four Hours to Kill! (35) College Scandal (35) Ship Cafe (35) Thirteen Hours by Air (36) Forgotten Faces (36) Yours for the Asking (36) The Big Broadcast of 1937 (36) College Holiday (36) Internes Can't Take Money (37) High, Wide, and Handsome (37) Dangerous to Know (38) Tip-Off Girls (38) The Texans (38) St. Louis Blues (39) The Lady's from Kentucky (39) Rulers of the Sea (39) All Women Have Secrets (39) The Light That Failed (39) Opened by Mistake (40) The Way of All Flesh (40) Queen of the Mob (40) Rangers of Fortune (40) Second Chorus (40) The Hard-Boiled Canary (41) West Point Widow (41) Buy Me That Town (41) Pacific Blackout (41) The Remarkable Andre (42) Star Spangled Rhythm (42) Dr. Broadway (42) Wake Island (42) Street of Chance (42) Salute for Three (43) Night Plane from Chungking (43) The Good Fellows (43) Johnny Come Lately (43) The Last Will and Testament of Tom Smith (43) Our Hearts Were Young and Gay (44) Blood on the Sun (45) Murder, He Says (45)

Der Henker/Der Staatsanwalt klagt an (28)