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Kristina Söderbaum

1912 - 2001

The actress Kristina Söderbaum experienced a very successful film career in Germany but her participation in some propaganda movies, among them "Jud Süss" directed by her husband Veit Harlan, led to a speedy end of her career after the war.

It all began in Stockholm where Kristina Söderbaum attended an art study. In Sweden she also made her film debut with "Hur behandlar du din hund? (34). Finally she went to Germany and took acting lessons.
Her first movie in Germany was the production "Onkel Bräsig" (36). The director Veit Harlan became aware of her and engaged her for his movie "Jugend" (38). They fall in love and got married in 1940. They formed a very successful couple in the next years. Kristina Söderbaum took part in some very successful but partly controversial movies like "Das unsterbliche Herz" (39), "Jud Süss" (40), "Der grosse König" (42), "Die goldene Stadt" (42), "Immensee" (43) and "Kolberg" (45).

Veit Harlan was involved in some trials against him after the war for realising "Jud Süss" and other propaganda movies but Kristina Söderbaum stand by him all the time.
She continued her film career in the 50's and appeared in movies like "Unsterbliche Geliebte" (51), "Hanna Amon" (51), "Verrat an Deutschland" (54) and "Ich werde dich auf Händen tragen" (58) - the last common movie with Veit Harlan.

After that she appeared seldom in front of the camera, so in "Die blonde Frau des Maharadscha" (62), "30. Januar 1945" (65), "Karl May" (74), "Let's go crazy" (88), "Das bleibt das kommt nie wieder" (92) and "Night Train to Venice" (93).

After the death of her husband in 1964 she worked as a portrait and fashion photographer.

Other movies with Kristina Söderbaum:
Verwehte Spuren (38) Die Reise nach Tilsit (39) Opfergang (44) Die blaue Stunde (53) Die Gefangene des Maharadscha (53) Sterne über Colombo (54) Zwei Herzen im Mai (58)