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Charlotte Schellhorn

1922 - 1945

The actress Charlotte Schellhorn was born in the Bavarian Ailbling. She attended the "Internat der Englischen Fräulein" and she accompanied her father to the hunting lodges in Wendelstein. She soon became fascinated for the shooting as well but not on animals but on targets which she focussed at a firing range in Wannsee.

She got a first acting education by the famous actor Rudolf Klein-Rogge, later followed an education by a speech educationist.
She joined the film business in 1937 and she continued her film career till to the end of World War II. 

She started her career with "Condottieri" (37) and "Der Lachdoktor" (37), afterwards followed "Was tun, Sybille?" (38) and "Wer küsst Madeleine?" (39).

She continued her career during the war but her roles normally remained small. 
To these productions belong "Eine kleine Nachtmusik" (40) "Links der Isar - rechts der Spree" (40), "Die Kreuzlschreiber" (44) - the movie was only released in 1950 and finally "Das Mädchen Juanita" (45) where she impersonated the title role. This movie was also only released in 1952 for the first time. 

Charlotte Schellhorn committed suicided by sleeping pills in Mallnitz at the age of only 23.

Other movies with Charlotte Schellhorn:
Der Maulkorb (38) Zwischen Strom und Steppe (39) Der singende Tor (39) Casa Iontana (39) Liebesschule (40) Die schwedische Nachtigall (41)