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Robert Siodmak

1900 - 1973

Robert Siodmak was born in Dresden/Germany. His father came from Tennessee to Germany in 1899 in order to get married. He made a fortune in the USA and was an American citizen. 

Robert Siodmak had first contacts to the theater as an actor in small parts at the "Stattliches Schauspielhaus" in Dresden. 
In 1925 he worked in the film business for the first time, at the beginning as translator of inserted captions,
later as editor. He assisted for the directors Alfred Lind and Kurt Bernhardt (also known as Curtis Bernhardt) and could realize his first direction job in 1929 for "Menschen am Sonntag". This brought him in a contract with the Ufa and he shot only few films, among them "Der Mann, der seinen Mörder sucht" (30) und "Quick" (31), before he became frequently confronted with obstacles. Finally Robert Siodmak emigrated to France, his brother Curt Siodmak - a successful author and screenwriter (Donovan's Brain) - emigrated to England, his second brother Rolf chose suicide at the age of 20. 

Robert Siodmak could shot several movies in Franci. In 1939 he went to the USA where he could realize B-Movies between 1940 and 1943. His mentor was director Preston Sturges. In 1943 his brother Curt initiated a seven-year for him by Universal. There were created the so-called "film noir". Robert Siodmak's popularity increased year to year and achieved the zenith in 1946 with "The Killers". Ava Gardner and Burt Lancaster became stars in one go. 
But the increasing popularity involved disadvantages. The studios fought over Siodmak, the budgets of his movies became constantly higher. However this led to the point that the production interfered more and more in the realization of the movies, after all it was a question of money. The creativity of Robert Siodmak was restricted through it. 

In 1951 came back to Europa and worked first in France and England then in Germany. With "The Crimson Pirate" he managed a splendid beginning. Again Burt Lancaster was the star of this film. Lancaster shone with impressive acrobatic interludes and led to movie to his great success. 
In the 50s and 60s some well-known German movies came into being. Siodmaks finished his artistic career with several Karl-may-Adaptions and with the monumental film "Kampf um Rom" (68). It turned out that this kind of movies didn't suit him not at all. 

The end of Siodmak's life was a drama. He was as good as destituted and nearly forgotten. He drowned his loneliness with alcohol. When he was dying his boozer fellows robbed his flat.

Other movies with Robert Siodmak:
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