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Klaus-Detlef Sierck

1925 - 1944

The actor Klaus-Detlef Sierck was a popular child player in the 30s and 40s. His father was director Detlef Sierck who became a very successful director in the USA as Douglas Sirk.

His parents got divorced in 1928 and when the political situation in Germany came to a head, Douglas Sirk emigrated with his second wife Hilde Jary - a Jewess - to the USA. Klaus-Detlef Sierck stood with his mother in Germany.

He made his film debut with the short movie "Die Saat geht auf" (35) and in 1937 followed his first feature movies with "Streit um den Knaben Jo" (37) and "Serenade" (37). In the next years he took part other successful productions like "Verwehte Spuren (38), "Kadetten" (39), "Aus erster Ehe" (40) und "Kopf Hoch, Johannes!" (41) where he played the title role.

In 1942 he took part in his last movie called "Der grosse König" (42) as the young prince Heinrich before he was called up to the war and sent to the East front with the infantry regiment "Grossdeutschland". In 1944 he was killed at the Russian front line in Novo Alexandrovka - he was only 18 years old.

Other movies with Klaus-Detlef Sierck:
Schatten über St. Pauli (38) Sehnsucht nach Afrika (38) Preussische Liebesgeschichte (38) Das Recht auf Liebe (39) Das unsterbliche Herz (39)