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Theo Shall

1896 - 1955

The actor Theo Shall was born as William Guldner in Metz.

Before he was able to stard a successful career as an actor he served for a German artillery unit during World War I. 

After the lost war his hometown Metz was adjudged to France and William Guldner had to leave Metz. 

He went to Germany where he  began an acting career under the pen name Theo Shall and he made his film debut in 1920 with "Die Hand des Würgers" (20), directed by Bruno Eichgrün.

His appearances in front of the camera remained seldom in the next years because he was very busy as a theater actor, especially in Berlin and later at the Volkstheater in Vienna. When he went to Zurich in 1928 he not only took over engagements as an actor but also directed several plays.

To Theo Shall's few more silent movies belong Carl Boese's "A halott szerelme" (22) with Hollywood-Star Vilma Banky, "Das Spielzeug von Paris" (25) with Hans Moser and Lily Damita, directed by Michael Curtiz as well as "Befehl zur Ehe" (28) with Dina Gralla and Werner Fütterer.

Theo Shall went to Hollywood at the beginnig of the 30s where he was able to take part in some German versions of successful American movies. 
So he was able to play under the direction of Jacques Feyder at the legendary actress Greta Garbo's side for "Anna Christie" (31).

After his short stay in the USA he returned to Germany where he impersonated leading and support roles in productions like "Die Abenteurerin von Tunis" (31), "Rasputin, Dämon der Frauen" (32) and "Fünf von der Jazzband" (32).

Afterwards he concentrated again to the theater and went on tour to Zurich, Paris and even Australia. 

From 1934 he appeared again in other movies, first in London, afterwards in Germany again where he was engaged for many support roles in the next years. 

To his well-known movies till the end of World War II belong "Spring in the Air" (34), "Kirschen in Nachbars Garten" (35), "Sherlock Holmes" (37), "Der Tiger von Eschnapur" (38), "Kennwort Machin" (39), "Die Rothschilds" (40), "Carl Peters" (41), "U-Boote westwärts!" (41), "Titanic" (43) and "Kolberg" (45).

Theo Shall founded the international Theater in Berlin in 1936 which concentrated to foreign-language plays. 

After the war Theo Shall continued his career on stage and in the film business, now for DEFA productions. 
To his last movies belong "Roman einer jungen Ehe" (52), "Geheimakten Solvay" (53), "Stärker als die Nacht" (54), "Ernst Thälmann - Führer seiner Klasse" (55) and "Heimliche Ehen" (56).

Other movies with Theo Shall:
Was ist Liebe...? (24) Der Schulmeister vom Lichtenthal (28) Olympia (30) Die grosse Fahrt (31) Der Hochtourist (31) Brumes de Paris (32) Ten Minute Alibi (35) Die Entführung (36) Tango Notturno (37) Pour le Mérite (38) Flucht ins Dunkel (39) Kadetten (39) Liebesschule (40) Achtung! Feind hört mit! (40) Blutsbrüderschaft (41) Hauptsache glücklich! (41) Geheimakte W.B.1 (42) G.P.U. (42) Zugverkehr unregelmässig (51) Jacke wie Hose (53) Gefährliche Fracht (54) Der Fall Dr Wagner (54) Hotelboy Ed Martin (55)