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Rosita Serrano

1914 - 1997

The singer and actress Rosita Serrano was born as Maria Martha Esther Aldunate del Campo in Chile. Her mother was the famous singer Sofia del Campo.

Rosita Serrano went to Berlin with her mother at the beginning of 1937 where she was able to gain a footoald as a singer.
When she got a role in the movie "Es leuchten die Sterne" (38) she had her great breakthrough. It followed disc recordings which praised her as the Chilean nightingale and other movies like "Bel Ami" (39) and "Herzensfreud - Herzensleid" (40) in which she impersonated singers. 
Further triumphes followed on different stages and with her great German tour.

But in 1943 she left Germany of a sudden and went to Sweden, because of political reason in all probability. Only in 1951 she returned to the country of her successes and continued her singning career. Morever she also took part in two more movies - "Schwarze Augen" (51) and "Saison in Salzburg" (52). 
After that her popularity took off. She had different appearances in TV talk shows in the next decades but the glorious time from earlier days was over.

Other movies with Rosita Serrano: 
Die kluge Schwiegermutter (39) Der Vierte kommt nicht (39) Anita und der Teufel (41)