Hans Senius

1896 - 1931

The actor Hans Senius normally worked at the theater but he also appeared in movies time and again, especially in the 10s.
He made his first appearance in front of the camera for "Grete kehre zurück" (10), afterwards he continued his film career with movies like "Das Siegel" (17) with Harry Berber, Victor Janson, Max Laurence, Kurt Vespermann and Aruth Warten, "Der Teufel" (18) directed by Ewald André Dupont with Henry Bender, Guido Herzfeld, Ria Jende, Albert Kühne and Max Landa, "Wenn das Leben nein sagt" (19) playing the role of the generalmanager Moralt at the side of Emil Birron, Julius Brandt, Paul Rehkopf and Hilde Wörner and "Frau Hempels Tochter" (19) with Max Adalbert.

His last cinematical works came already in 1920 into being and Hans Senius impersonated the role of Amadeus Lautenschlag in "Pension  Lautenschlag" (20) with Julius Brandt, Paul Graetz and Harald Paulsen, "Der Mann, der alle Welt bestiehlt" (20), "Intermezzo" (20) and under the direction of Carl Froelich "Die Brüder Karamasoff" (20) with Fritz Kortner, Emil Jannings, Bernhard Goetzke, Hermann Thimig, Werner Krauss, Hanna Ralph, Rudolf Lettinger and Josefine Dora.

Other movies with Hans Senius:
Hinaus ins Grüne (19) Ein Frühlingstraum (19) Jimmy Weller (20)