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Helmut Schreiber alias Kalanag

Foto: Walter Lichtenstein (1902-1984)
Mit freundlicher Genehmigung von André Limot © Limot

1903 - 1963

The film producer Helmut Schreiber was able to launch two successful careers. On the one hand he was a busy film producer and production manager till the end of the 30s, on the other hand he became a successful magician after World War II under the pseudonym Kalanag.

Helmut Schreiber was fascinated by magic at a young age and after he finished his education at the University Munich and at the Institute of Technology in Munic he executed first congresses for magic.

Because he was not able to earn his living as a magician he worked full-time for the film business, first as a production manager for movies like "Jagd auf Menschen" (26), "Einer gegen alle" (27), "Der Mann ohne Kopf" (27) and "Die kleine Veronika" (28).
He continued his activity as a production manager in the 30s and he took part in productions like "Dreyfus" (30), "Kohlhiesels Töchter" (30), "Luise, Königin von Preussen" (31), "Salon Dora Green" (33), "Petersburger Nächte" (35), "Der schüchterne Casanova" (36), "Truxa" (37) and "Der Herrscher" (37).

He was responsible as a producer in 1928 for the first time for the movie "Alraune" (28). He produced other movies in the next years, among them "Cyankali" (30), "Mädels von heute" (33), "Es leuchten die Sterne" (38), "Ballade" (38), "Fahrendes Volk" (38), "Robert und Bertram" (39) and "Die goldene Maske" (39).

During all these years he remained true to the magic. Among others he took over the editorship of the magazine "Magie" in 1927 and at that time he chose his pseudonym Kalanag.

Thank to his good connections to the then rulers like Joseph Goebbels he not only became an important personality in the film business but also obtained the presidendy of the magic circle which had a direct influence to the magicians who were allowed to perform in Germany.

After the war he was no longer allowed to work because of his connection to the NSDAP and he was longer able to work as an actor.
Instead of that he saw the chance to earn his living as a magician. He soon launched successful stage shows decorated with erotic dancers.

His shows wowed a always growing audience and at the peak of his career he occupied about 50 persons for his shows. It followed tours through countries like Spain, Sweden and Great Britain and finally followed appearances outside Europe in South Africa, Brazil and the USA.

When the interest at such shows waned at the end of the 50s he was no longer able to achieve the former success. Finally he gave up his show tours and settled down in Fornsbach where he founded the "Kalanag Studio". 

Other movies from Helmut Schreiber (Production Manager):
Die Pflicht zu schweigen (28) After the Verdict (29) Aufruhr im Junggesellenheim (29) Heilige oder Dirne (29) Die Herrin und ihr Knecht (29) Der Witwenball (30) Die zärtlichen Verwandten (30) Kaiserliebchen (31) 24 Stunden aus dem Leben einer Frau (31) Kadetten (31) Das Testament des Cornelius Gulden (32) Die Herren vom Maxim (33) Flucht nach Nizza (33) Der Doppelgänger (34) Der schwarze Walfisch (34) Karneval und Liebe (34) Jungfrau gegen Mönch (34) Warum lügt Fräulein Käthe? (35) Lärm um Weiemann (35) Das Schloss in Flandern (36)

Melodie der Liebe (32) Signal in der Nacht (37) Einmal werd' ich Dir gefallen (38) Die kleine und die grosse Liebe (38) Zwei Frauen (38) Verliebtes Abenteuer (38) Silvesternacht am Alexanderplatz (39) Der Vierte kommt nicht (39)