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Sylvester Schäffer

Foto: Siegmund Labisch (1863-1942)

1885 - 1949

The actor and artist Sylvester Schäffer was born as the son of the artist Georg Sylvester Schäffer (who also used the pseudonym Paul Petras). Therefore it was obvious that Sylvester Schäffer jun. also chose the profession of an artist. He soon became well-known in the world of the circus and vaudeville as a versatile artist. He enthused the audience as a magician, artist shooter, juggler and violinist. His tours led him till to the USA.

When he came to Berlin with his tour he was able to gain a foothold in the film business for a brief time.
In the movies his artistic abilities were inserted to the stories in the then popular action movies. He even got an own serial where he impersonated the role of Nobody. In most of his movies his partner was the actress Lili Dominici, the movies were shot by the directors Josef Stein and Karl Gebhardt in turn.
To his silent movies belong „Jussuf el Fanit, der Wüstenräuber“ (22) with Lili Dominici, Fred Immler and Karl Platen, „Die geheimnisvollen Piraten“ (22) with Lili Dominici and Hans Adalbert Schlettow, „Das Geheimnis der sieben Ringe“ (22) with Lili Dominici and Paul Hansen, „Lucifer“ (22) with Lili Dominici and Leonhard Haskel, „Im Zeichen der Schlange“ (22) with Hedda Fosten, „Die Flibustier“ (22) with Lili Dominici, Hermann Picha and Mabel May-Yong, „Die Dame in Grau“ (22) with Lili Dominici, Paul Hansen and Lotte Lorring, „Der Herr der Unterwelt“ (22) with Lili Dominici and Hans Adalbert Schlettow as well as „Der Eierheld“ (24) with Lilly Krüger.

Afterwards Sylvester Schäffer concentrated again to his artistic career and he was also talented as a violinist and painter.