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Siegmar Schneider

1916 - 1995

The actor Siegmar Schneider began his film career in the 30's and was able to continue it till to the 80's.

He learned his acting abilities at the "Ausbildungsanstalt für Bühnennachwuchs" by Ackermann and made his film debut in 1936 with "Annemarie" (36) and "Soldaten - Kameraden" (36).

In the next years followed stage appearances by the majority but he also appeared in front of the camera now and then, among others for the productions "Ritt in die Freiheit" (37) and "Himmelhunde" (42).

The stage was still his dominant sphere of activity after the war but he also continued his film career with "Morituri" (48), "Martina" (49), "Unser täglich Brot" (49), "Urlaub auf Ehrenwort" (55) and "Stresemann" (57).

From the 60's followed often TV productions beside his feature filmes. To his well-known movies of those years belong "Die Ehe des Herrn Mississippi" (61), "Romulus der Grose" (65), "Der Neffe als Onkel" (66), "Dreht Euch nicht um - der Golem geht um" (71) as well as some episodes of popular crime serials like "Tatort: Rot, rot, tot" (78), "Der Alte: Der Pelikan" (78) and "Derrick: Der Fall Weidau" (86).

He was appointed to a Staatsschauspieler in 1963 for his merit for the theater.

But Siegmar Schneider was not only well-known as an actor, the public knew his voice in first place.
Since 1949 Siegmar Schneider was very busy with dubbing foreign stars. His most famous star he dubbed was James Stewart for whom he spoke in over 30 movies.
Other famous stars he lend his voice were Laurence Olivier, Peter Cushing, Henry Fonda, Alec Guiness, Jean Marais, Errol Flynn, Peter Sellers and Lloyd Bridges.

Other movies with Siegmar Schneider:
Strassenbekanntschaft (48) Frucht ohne Liebe (56) Ich schwöre und gelobe (60) Siegfrieds Tod (61) Die chinesische Mauer (65) Nationalkomitee Freies Deutschland (68) Hôtel du commerce (69) 
Eine grosse Familie (70) Serie "Tatort: "Cherchez la femme oder Die Geister am Mummelsee" (73) Wecken Sie Madame nicht auf (74) Streichquartett (81) Flucht aus Pommern (82)