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Ewald Schindler

Foto: Selma Genthe (1877-1939)

1891 - 1948

The actor Ewald Schindler was especially connected with the theater and he not only worked as an actor but also was the director of the Residenz theater in Hanover.

He already made his film debut in 1911 with the movies "Die weisse Sklavin" (11) and "Vergebens" (11).
But the appearances on the big screen remained seldom, in the next years he took part in the silent movies "Ein Frauenherz" (14), "Sselam Aleikum" (19) and "Die Teppichknüpferin von Bagdad" (20). Sixteen years later he acted in his only talky "August der Starke" (36).

When Ewald Schindler worked as an assistant for Bruno Walter he was proposed by Walter for the position of the stage director at the opera in Düsseldorf.

When Hitler took over the power in Germany Ewald Schindler fled with his wife to Czechoslovakia where he was able to take on the task of the director of the opera at the German theater in Prague. In 1939 he became a Czech citizen.

When Germany invaded in Czechoslovakia he fled to Italy but there he was not save at all. When Italy entered the war in 1940 Ewald Schindler was put in a concentration camp for eleven months.

After his release he came to the USA in 1941 and he was able to continue his original profession. He lead the King-Smith playhouse and founded the acting school "The Playhouse Studio" together with the Norwegian dancer Liljan Espenak.

Ewald Schindler never returned to Germany and hi$e died in the USA in 1948.