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Victor Schamoni

1932 - 1975

The actor and later cinematographer Victor Schamoni was born as son of the art historian and filmologist Victor Schamoni (1901-1942). His father was killed in action at the Russian front in 1942.

Due to the connections of his father to the acting Victor Schamoni jr. already impersonated first stage roles at the tender age of five years. Finally it even followed two engagements in the movies "Kirschen in Nachbars Garten" (35) with Karl Valentin, Liesl Karlstadt, Adele Sandrock and Max Gülstorff and "Tango Notturno" (37) at the side of Pola Negri, Elisabeth Flickenschildt, Lina Carstens, Erich Ponto and Albrecht Schönhals. Here he impersonated the role of Charlie.

After this appearances in movies it lasted till 1958 before he appeared again in the film business. 
But this time he did not work as an actor but as a cinematographer, among others he also was chief cinematographer of the Bavarian television. 
To his works behind the camera belong "Osterspaziergang" (58), "Alles für den Hund" (59), "Max Ernst - Endteckungsfahrten ins Unbewusste" (64) and "Der Fall Moosbrugger" (70).

He had a one-off comeback as an actor in 1966 when he played in Vlado Kristl's movie "Der Brief" (66). In this movie all his brothers appeared as well - all impersonating coffin bearers. 

Victor Schamoni died at the age of only 43 in Munich. 
His brothers Peter, Ulrich and Thomas Schamoni all became film directors.