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Ludwig Schmidseder

1904 - 1971

In spite of the opposition of his partent's home, Ludwig Schmidseder asserted his wish to become a musician andto begin with he took piano lessons secretly.
Later he studied music at the Academy of Musical Art in Munich and afterwards he went to South America where he lived from 1926.
He got by with casual works before he appeared together with two friends as a trio on luxury liners. At this occasion he also used his own compositions. 

The adventure South America ended at the end of the 20's and from 1930 he lived in Berlin he he came in touch with the film business.
In the next years he wrote the music for movies and put musicals and operettas as well as more than 500 songs down on paper. 

To his first cinematical works belong the productions "Der Traum vom Rhein" (33), "Heideschulmeister Uwe Karsten" (33), "Hilde Petersen postlagernd" (36) and "Die kluge Schwiegermutter" (39).

Beside it he was a regular staff and composer at the Metropol Theater in Berlin where among others his works "Melodie der Nacht" (38), "Die oder Keine!" (39) and "Frauen im Metropol" (40) were staged.

In the 40's he composed among others the music for the movies "Der ungetreue Eckehart" (40), "Herzensfreud - Herzensleid" (40), "Der Ochsenkrieg" (43) and "Freitag, der 13." (44).

He continued his career after the war and he wrote filmcompositions for "Der himmlische Walzer" (48), "Kleiner Schwindel am Wolfgangsee" (49) and "Ich hab' mich so an Dich gewöhnt" (52).

Also in this time he began to act as a bit player in front of the camera, to these appearances belong "Seitensprünge im Schnee" (50), "Czardas der Herzen" (51), "Die Dame in Schwarz" (51), "Die Wirtin von Maria Wörth" (52), "Manöverball" (56) and "Das Schloss in Tirol" (57).

He experienced again huge popularity later in his live as a TV chef for the Bavarian broadcast at the end of the 50's. It followed publications of several cookery books.

Other movies from Ludwig Schmidseder:
Beates Flitterwoche (40) Links der Isar – rechts der Spree (40) Alles aus Liebe (43) Der kleine Grenzverkehr (43) Warum lügst Du, Elisabeth? (44) Ein fröhliches Haus (44) La reine des valses (50) Als ich noch der Waldbauernbub war… (63) 

Kleiner Schwindel am Wolfgangsee (49) Auf der Alm, da gibt's ka Sünd' (50) Eva erbt das Paradies…einAbenteuer im Salzkammergut (51) In München steht ein Hofbräuhaus (51) Ich hab' mich so an Dich gewöhnt (52) Die Perle von Tokay (53) Sonne über der Adria (54) Die Wirtin an der Lahn (55) Hulla di Bulla (67)