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Franz Schönemann

1880 - 1960

The actor Franz Schönemann already took part in first movies during the 10s like "Gottheit Weib" (13) as pilot Hans Stork at the side of the famous Eduard von Winterstein, "Madame Incognito" (14) with Eva Speyer, as the manufacturer Werdenberg in "Die Firma heiratet" (14) with Ernst Lubitsch, Ressel Orla, Victor Arnold and Albert Paulig as well as "Halbe Unschuld" (19) with Erika Glässner and Hans Waschatko.

Afterwards Franz Schönemann only appeared in the silent movie "Landstrasse und Grossstadt" (21) at the side of Conrad Veidt, Carola Toelle and Fritz Kortner.

He continued his film career in the sound film era of the 30s.
Among others he played the role of a agency director in "Die Koffer des Herrn O.F." (31) with Peter Lorre, Alfred Abel, Harald Paulsen, Ludwig Stössel and Hedy Lamarr, as district customs officer in "Schüsse an der Grenze" (33) with Peter Voss, Carla Bartheel, Bernhard Goetzke, Oscar Sabo, Fritz Kampers and Gerhard Dammann, under the direction of Robert A. Stemmle in "Glückspilze" (35) as architect Schnabel with Albert Lieven, Walter Bluhm and Bernhard Minetti, in the role of a policeman in Jacques Feyder's "Fahrendes Volk" with Hans Albers, Françoise Rosay, Camilla Horn, Hannes Stelzer and Irene von Meyendorff, as a border official in "Sergeant Berry" (38) directed by Herbert Selpin with Hans Albers, Peter Voss and Alexander Golling and "Dreizehn Mann und eine Kanone" (38) with Alexander Golling, Otto Wernicke, Herbert Hübner, Erich Ponto and Friedrich Kayssler.

Franz Schönemann's last cinematical came in 1940 into being with Erich Waschneck's "Zwischen Hamburg und Haiti" (40) at the side of Gustav Knuth, Gisela Uhlen, Albert Florath and Ruth Eweler.

Other movies with Franz Schönemann:
Hugos Nachtarbeit (33) Familienparade (36)