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Carl Gerhard Schröder

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The actor Carl Gerhard Schröder was only active for a brief time during the silent movie era in Germany.

His first appearances in front of the camera came in 1918 into being for the productions "Die Stunde der Vergeltung" (18) directed by Willy Zeyn with Max Auzinger, Karl Beckersachs and Magda Madeleine as well as "Die einsame Frau" (18) with Anton Ernst Rückert and Magda Madeleine.

In the following year he appeared in his last movies.
To these works belong Richard Eichberg's "Kinder der Landstrasse" (19) with Fred Goebel, Leontine Kühnberg and Hermann Vallentin, "Sündiges Blut" directed by Max Mack with Otto Gebühr and Julius Geisendörfer, "Halbblut" directed by Fritz Lang at the side of Ressel Orla, Carl de Vogt, Gilda Langer and Paul Morgan, Richard Eichberg's "Sünden der Eltern" (19) with Lee Parry, Bruno Decarli, Violetta Napierska and Rudolf Klein-Rhoden as well as "Der Flimmerprinz" (19) directed by Max Mack with Otto Gebühr, Paul Rehkopf and Gustav Botz.

Other movies with Carl Gerhard Schröder:
Wolkenbau und Flimmerstern (19) Wehrlose Opfer (19)