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Wilhelmine Sandrock

Foto: Victor Angerer (1839-1894)

1862 - 1948

The actress and singer Wilhelmine Sandrock was a successful theater actress.
Her mother Simonetta ten Hagen, who was an actress too, supported the wish of Wilhelmine to become an actress.
After acting and singing lessons Wilhelmine Sandrock made her stage debut at the Königliches Schauspielhaus in Berlin.

It followed engagements in St. Peterburg, Vienna and Berlin again.

In contrast to her sister Adele Sandrock who was not only successful at the theater but also became a movie star, Wilhelme Sandrock only appeared in front of the camera for few movies.

In the movie "Michael" (24) directed by Carl Theodor Dreyer she played the role of the duchess widow Monthieu at the side of Walter Slezak, Nora Gregor, Alexander Murski, Grete Mosheim and Robert Garrison.

Her last cinematical work was "Die grosse Sehnsucht" (30) with Camilla Horn, Theodor Loos, Harry Frank, Paul Kemp, Paul Henckels, Anna Müller-Lincke, Karl Platen, Betty Amann and Lil Dagover.