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Paul Samson-Körner

1887 - 1942

The boxer and actor Paul Samson-Körner grew up in Germany as Paul Körner.
He went to the USA at the age of 20 where he learnt the abilities of an engineer. Beside it he developed his interest in boxing and he made first fights under the pseudonym Jim Smith.

He soon travelled to different countries - also South America - where he always was able to find some jobs because of his abilities as an engineer. He continued boxing in these countries and he won the championship title of Panama and Central America when he won against the boxer Jack Ortega.
He never managed the great breakthrough in the USA but he was a demanded sparring partner for famous boxers like Jack Dempsey and Georges Carpentier.

He returned to Germany in 1922 and there he was able to defeat unexpectedly the German heavyweight champion Hans Breitensträter. He repeated this success two years later again. He soon became a darling of the public because he often fought against heavier opponents.

Paul Samson-Körner already appeared one year before his retirement from boxing in 1927 in few movies as an actor like "Annemarie und ihr Elan" (26) and "Wie bleibe ich jung und schön - Ehegeheimnisse" (26).

In the next years he took part regular in front of the camera.
To these productions belong "Die Pflicht zu schweigen" (28), "Haus Nummer 17" (28), "Spelunke" (29), "Sünde und Moral" (29), "Liebe im Ring" (30), "Knockout" (35), "Bel Ami" (39), "Die drei Codonas" (40) and "Die Nacht in Venedig" (42).

Paul Samson-Körner died at the age of only 54 in 1942 by a traffic accident.

Other movies with Paul Samson-Körner:
Drei Tage Liebe (31) Das Testament des Cornelius Gulden (32) Neunzig Minuten Aufenthalt (36) Florentine (37) Die letzte Runde (40)