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Erna Sack

1898 - 1972

The singer and actress Erna Sack was born as Erna Weber in Berlin-Spandau.

Her voice already attracted attention at school and in the church choir. Her voice training took real form when she met Hermann Sack, her mentor and husband from 1921.

She became a leading soprano singer at the beginning of the 30's and was soon called the "Deutsche Nachtigall - German Nightingale".
She often sang at the Dresdner Staatsoper in 1934 where she met the conductior Karl Böhm and the composer Richard Strauss for whose première of "Die schweigsame Frau" she impersonated the role of Isotta.
Finally she went on tour and sang in Austria, France and at the Covent Garden in England. Other international appearances followed in North Europe and at the Carnegie Hall in the USA where she appeared together with Richard Tauber and Josef Schmidt.

In the prime of her career came the film business and offered her roles in movies like "Blumen aus Nizza" (36) and "Nanon" (38).

Her career came to a standstill during wartime, her sphere of activity was limited to Germany and the alllied countries.
She went on a five-year tour through South America, South Africa and Canada in 1947.

Today many sound carriers show the unique voice of Erna Sack.