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Stellan Rye

1880 - 1914

The director Stellan Rye came from Denmark to Germany like few years ago Urban Gad. And like Gad he set an important course to the early German silent movie era.

He began his artistic career as an actor at the theater in Denmark. Also in his native country he made first experiences in the film business as a screenwriter for the movies "Det blaa blod - Eva" (14) and "De Dodes Ø" (12).

In the following year he went to Germany and he wrote film history with his first movie as a director straightaway.
In "Der Student von Prag" (13) the leading actor Paul Wegener appeared twice in the same scene and Stellan Rye represented the first double role in a movie to an astonished audience.
The writer of the novel for this movie - Hanns Heinz Ewers - engaged Stellan Rye personally to Germany for realising this film version.

_Soon Stellan Rye became one of the most important directors of the still young silent film and till outbreak of World War I he realised other impressive movies as a director.
To these works belong "Die Augen des Ole Brandis" (13), "Evinrude" (14), "Ein Sommernachtstraum in unserer Zeit" (14), "Gendarm Möbius" (14), Erlkönigs Töchter" (14) and "Das Haus ohne Tür" (14).

Because of his military education in Denmark Stellan Rye served as a soldiert for the German army during World War I. Already on November 14 - less than four months after the outbreak of war - Stellan Rye was seriously wounded and died in French war captivity.

With his senseless early death the film business lost an important visionary and prohibited some later masterpieces. 

Other movies from Stellan Rye (Director):
...denn alle Schuld rächt sich auf Erden (13) Die Eisbraut (13) Der Verführte (13) Die goldene Fliege (14) Kadra Sâfa (14) Bedingung – Kein Anhang (14) Der Flug in die Sonne (14) Der Ring des schwedischen Reiters (14) Der Prinzenraub (14)

Det blaa Blod - Eva (12) De Dodes Ø (12) Die goldene Fliege (14) Ein Sommernachtstraum in unserer Zeit (14) Der Flug in die Sonne (14) Der Prinzenraub (14) Der Ring des schwedischen Reiters (14) Gendarm Möbius (14) Erlkönigs Töchter (14)

Der Sängerkrieg im Löwenkäfig (14)

Production Designer:
Denn alle Schuld rächt sich auf Erden (13)