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Ossip Runitsch

1889 - 1947

The actor Ossip Runitsch began his acting career at the St. Petersburger Eremitage theater and he soon became a demanded stage actor in his home country.

The Russian film became aware of this expressive actor and was engagend regularly in front of the camera. To his early movies belong "Voyna i mir" (15), "Isterzannye dushi" (17), "Chelovek - zver" (17), "Posledneiye ango" (18) and "Zhivoy trup" (18).

Ossip Runitsch left Russia after the October revolution like many other Russians and he went to Western Europe.
There he was able to continue his film career, first in Italy and from 1920 in Germany as well.

To his popular movies of those years belong "L'orchidea fatale" (20), "Lord Bluff" (20), "La catena" (20), "Die Bestie im Menschen" (20), "Danton" (21), "Marie Antoinette - Das Leben einer Königin" (22), "Prater" (24), "Das goldene Kalb" (25) and "Sensation im Wintergarten" (29).

Ossip Runitsch also remained true to the theater and he worked in 1921 and between 1925 and 1928 in Paris regularly where he took part in operas and stage plays.

He only appeared one more time in front of the camera during the sound film era of the 30s in "Das Donkosakenlied" (30).

Finally Ossip Runitsch went to South Africa together with his wife where he became engaged at the theater again. Among others he founded the Johannesburg Studio which concentrated to classic Russian plays.

Ossip Runitsch died at the age of 58 in Johannesburg.

Other movies with Ossip Runitsch:
Pesn torzhestvuyushchey lyubvi (15) Obozhzhenniye krylya (15) Molchi, grust...molchi (18) Zhenshchina, kotoraya izobrela lyubov (18) L'automobile errante (21) Das Spiel mit dem Feuer (21) Dubrowsky, der Räuber Ataman (21) Die höllische Macht (22) Psicha, die Tänzerin Katherina (23) Der Puppenmacher von Kiang-Ning (23) Frühlingsfluten (24) Düstere Schatten, strahlendes Glück (24) Tagebuch einer Kokotte (29)