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Helge Roswaenge

1897 - 1972

The singer and actor Helge Roswaenge was born as Helge Anton Rosenvinge Hansen in Kopenhavn.

Before he launched his artistic career he studied chemical at the Technical College and finished it as an engineer with honors.

After private singing lessons he made his opera debut in 1921 as Don Jose in the opera "Carmen" in Neustrelitz. In the next years followed performances at nuemrous other operas and stage, finally he came to Berlin in 1929 and to Vienna in 1930. 

He widened his actitity to whole Europe during the 30s and his versatile offer gave him the opportunity to interpret singing roles of very different genres.

Because of his popularity the film business became aware of him and in 1932 he made his debut in front of the camera for "Der Knalleffekt" (32) with Ferdinand Bonn and Gustav Püttjer.

Afterwards followed the movies "Verlieb Dich nicht am Bodensee" (35) and "Martha" (36).

Because of his closeness to the NS regime (Joining the NSDAP in 1933, guest at Hermann Göring's wedding in 1935, participation at NS events and the inclusion to the so-called "Gottbegnadeten" list by Adolf Hitler in 1944) he was abducted in Berlin and deported to Russia. Roswaenge shared his fate with many other artists of that time who nearly didn't have an opportunity to continue their artistic career without contact to the power in Germany at that time. Politically he was described as rather naive.

After his release he went to Spain where he earned his living with his original profession in the chemical industry till 1948. 
In 1948 he went to Switzerland and afterwards to Vienna and he was able to continue his artistic career. 

Helge Roswaenge also appeared again in some movies sporadically, so in the productions "Grossstadtnacht" (50), "Die Landstreicher" (68) and "Ein Walzertraum" (69).

Helge Roswaenge published two books, his biography "Lache Bajazzo" (46) and "Mach es besser mein Sohn" (63).

Remaining active till to his death he died in Munich in 1972.