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Marika Rökk

1913 - 2004

The actress Marika Rökk was born as Marie Karoline Rökk in Cairo. When the family moved to Budapest she took dance lesson in her childhood. In 1924 she intensified her dance career in Paris and joined the ballet company Hoffmann. With the company she got an engagement at Moulin Rouge in the same year. It followed appearances on Broadway and she went on tour through the USA before the company broke up in 1925.

From 1929 Marika Rökk began to appear on stage as a singer and dancer in revues and operettas in whole Europe.

She began her film career in England with the movies "Kiss Me, Sergeant" (30) and "Why Sailors Leave Home" (30). After that followed a movie in Hungary called "Kisertetek Vonata - Geisterzug" (33).
When she had a great success with the revue "Stern der Manege" she got a two-year contract with the Ufa.
Her first German movie was "Leichte Kavallerie" (35) and launched a great career which continued till to the 50's.

Marika Rökk soon became a leading star of the National Socialist Germany and could count on an experienced team with which she shot most of her movies. First of all director Georg Jacoby, who she got married in 1940 but also cinematographer Konstantin Irmen-Tschet, filmcomposer Franz Grothe and Peter Kreuder as well as choreographer Sabine Ress.

To her well-known movies till the end of war belong "Der Bettelstudent" (36), "Gasparone" (37), "Hallo Janine" (39), "Es war eine rauschende Ballnacht" (39), "Kora Terry" (40), "Frauen sind doch bessere Diplomaten" (41) and "Die Frau meiner Träume" (44). Together with the actor Johannes Heesters they created a dream pair.

The movies, which were created from the same model, enjoyed a great popularity and were continued in the 50's.
But for the present, she and Georg Jacoby were imposed with a working prohibition and Marika Rökk appeared in entertainment evenings for American troops. Only from 1948 she was able to play in movies agan and she took part in the movies "Die Czardasfürstin" (51), "Maske in Blau" (53) and "Bühne frei für Marika" (58).

Afterwards she only appeared seldom on the big screen and she turned to the stage again. 
To her last cinematically works belong "Mein Mann, das Wirtschaftswunder" (60), "Die Fledermaus" (62), the TV serial "Die Schöngrubers" (73) and "Schloss Königswald" (87).

Other movies with Marika Rökk:
Heisses Blut (36) Und Du, mein Schatz, fährst mit (36) Karussell (37) Eine Nacht im Mai (38) Wunschkonzert (40) Tanz mit dem Kaiser (41) Hab' mich lieb (42) Fregola (48) Kind der Donau (50) Sensation in San Remo (51) Die geschiedene Frau (53) Nachts im grünen Kakadu (57) Die Nacht vor der Premiere (59) Heute gehn wir bummeln (61) Hochzeitsnacht im Paradies (62) Der keusche Lebemann (69) Der letzte Walzer (73) Die Gräfin vom Naschmarkt (80)