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Imogene Robertson

Foto: John de Mirjan (1896-1928)

1905 -1948

The actress Imogene Robertson began her career in the USA where she worked as a teenage model. There she was spotted by Florenz Ziegfeld and he engaged her for his famous Follies show. 
She soon had a huge success under her stage name Imogene Wilson. But her much promising career came to an end at the beginning when she had an intimate relationship with the married comedian Frank Tinney (his wife was the comedy star Edna Davenport). The affair was exploited as a sex scandal by the press.

Only when she was seriously hospitalized after a violent argument with Tinney the tabloids stopped their reporting. But her career was over for the moment and she was fired by Ziegfeld.

In order to flee from the negative press whe went to Germany where she was able to launch a short but busy film career.
Under the stage name Imogene Robertson she appeared in productions like "Das Parfüm der Mrs. Worrington" (25), "Unser täglich Brot" (25), "Die Abenteuer eines Zehnmarkscheines" (26), "Das süsse Mädel" (26), "Das Panzergewölbe" (26) and "Die Mädchen von Paris" (27).

Finally she went back to the USA where the former scandal was forgotten. She continued her film career unobtrusively with her new stage name Mary Nolan turned out to be an outstanding capable leading actress.
She took part with Lon Chaney sr. in the movie "West of Zanzibar" (28), with John Gilbert in "Desert Nights" (29) and with Edward G. Robinson in "Outside the Law" (30).

But the unexpected great success came too fast for Mary Nolan and she didn't be up to this stress. Her self-destructive bent broke out and she suffered several nervous breakdowns. Her health declined due acute malnutrition and different physical complaints.
Her last movies came already at the beginning of the 30's into being and she experienced her last successes with "Enemies of the Law" (30), "The Big Shot" (31) and "Docks of San Francisco" (32).
After that she wasn't able to continue her career because of health reason.

When she turned to heroin this brought the end of her public life and she disappeared in the anonymity. Only in 1948, when she died of cardiac arrest at the age of 42, her name appeared in the headlines for a last time.

Other movies with Imogene Robertson/Mary Nolan: 
Die unberührte Frau (25) Die Feuertänzerin (25) Verborgene Gluten (25) Wenn die Liebe nicht wär'! (25) Die elf Schill'schen Offiziere (26) Fünfuhrtee in der Ackerstrasse (26) Die Königin des Weltbades (26) Die Welt will belogen sein (26) Wien, wie es weint und lacht (26) Halloh - Caesar! (26) Erinnerungen einer Nonne (27) Topsy and Eva (27) Sorrell and Son (27) Täglich Brot (27) Good Morning Judge (28) The Foreign Legion (28) Silks and Saddles (29) Charming Sinners (29) Shanghai Lady (29) Eleven Who Where Loyal (29) Undertow (30) Young Desire (30) X Marks the Spot (31) The Midnight Patrol (32) File 113 (33)